S870 - machine with Flextron control system equipped with:
1. alphanumeric LCD control panel provided with a 16-bit microprocessor card and solid state relays, that allow a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as: machine status, number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter, adjustment of the sealing temperature, adjustment of the shrinking delay, adjustment of the shrinking time, adjustment of the shrinking chamber temperature, adjustment of the hood-opening delay, possibility of scheduling up to 10 different work cycles, troubleshooting
2. modular power section, separated from the control panel and characterized by remote-control  switches for the power control; in case of failure possibility of replacing just the damaged module, without losing the data stored in the memory
- sealing and shrinking in one operation
- output rate up to 300 packs/h
- PTFE-coated sealing blade
- air cooling of the machine frame
- closed-circuit liquid cooling of the sealing bars
- viewer of the coolant level
- height adjustment of the internal packaging plate
- mobile product-holding plate, loose from the film reel support to allow a better adjustment of the film to the pack size
- double hood hold-down electromagnet
- automatic hood release
- film handled: PVC, Polyolefin up to 30 my
- reduced power consumption
- compliance with CE regulations