Application: machine is intended for the production of bags of different types: flat, with the side fold, with the bottom envelope (seal type K).

  3000 H
Maximum film widht [mm] 600
Maximum bag lenght [mm] 400
Production rate [bags/ min] 60
Weight [kg] 400

Dimensions H x W x L [mm]

1390 x 1240 x 2660
Electrical power/ Air consumption 3 x 400 V; 2,8 kW/ 30 m3/h; 0,8 MPa

Made by:
- Acid resistant profiles, ground and polished;
- Guards and control box: polished acid resistant plate.

Standard equipment:
- Constant steady-thermal seal to PP and laminates;
- One tube forming a film;
- Logo reader (photocell).

- Printing device D-1 or D-2;
- Set of side folds forming;
- Set the envelope bottom forming;
- Extra sets of forming the film.